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What is it?

CEDeploy is a command-line utility for deploying files to mobile device emulators from the host side, without any need for Active Sync. It does its magic via the Core Connectivity (CoreCon) interface - like the Remote File Viewer does.


CEDeploy [options] SourceFileName DestinationFileName


SourceFileName and DestinationFileName are required. Use quotes for names with spaces.


CEDeploy -d"Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator" c:\Projects\Foo\Data.txt \Foo\Data.txt

Note on emulator enumeration

The version of Microsoft Device Emulator Manager that comes with Visual Studio 2005 does not have a COM interface; the one that comes with VS2008 does. You can tell by checking the properties of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0\dvcemumanager.exe - the one with the interface would start with 9 (9.0.20404.0 on my system). Unless you have this version, the notion of "running emulator" is not supported - CoreCon does not report if the specific emulator is running or not.

Terms of use

Freeware. Download it and use it all you want. E-mail me at if you have troubles.

Deprecation note

I've heard that CoreCon will be phased out in CE 6.0 (Windows Mobile 7).

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